How to File a Complaint

Need to file a complaint about your utility service?

Follow these simple steps:

FIRST, contact the customer service department of your energy or telecommunications provider.

  • Carefully explain your problem or concern and clearly indicate what solution you would like.
  • Be sure to take specific notes including the date and time of your call, who you spoke to, and what specific recommendations the company makes.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome after talking to your service provider, contact the appropriate state or federal regulatory authority.

For more information about concerns with industries other than utilities, consult the Consumer Referral Guide sponsored by the Division of Consumer Protection.

Public Utilities are Regulated by the Utah Public Service Commission

Utah regulated providers defined to be public utilities. This includes: Rocky Mountain Power, Dominion Energy Utah, Lumen (formerly CenturyLink) and other local telephone service providers, as well as some water and wastewater companies.

The Utah regulatory process for filing complaints starts with an informal process that seeks to resolve as many issues as possible. This process is conducted by the Utah Division of Public Utilities.

If the informal complaint process does not successfully resolve your concerns, under certain circumstances you may file a formal complaint with the Public Service Commission. Find more information on that process here .

Many Telecommunications Services are Regulated by the FCC

Other telecommunications services such as cable, VOIP and wireless are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. You can file a complaint for these services with the FCC .

Cooperatives, Service Districts and Municipal Utilities

Electric cooperatives and Service/Improvement Districts are regulated differently. Contact your local board member if you need additional assistance after working with your local company. The Public Service Commission has jurisdiction over certain kinds of complaints from customers of these utilities. As a final option, customers can follow the steps outlined above in those circumstances.

Municipal utilities are regulated by municipal government. Contact your local elected officials (for example your City Councilperson or Mayor's office) if you need additional assistance after first working with the utility department.